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Canvas is used for industrial, marine, recreational, and print media applications in a variety of types to include vinyl coated polyester, canvas, polyester blends, and blended fabrics.

Our vinyl coated polyester is used for tarps, industrial and athletic field covers, industrial curtains, dividers, mooring covers, hose covers, oil booms and wall pads. ​

Burlap is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Burlap can be used for nursery applications, agriculture, landscaping, paving, home decor and crafts.


Vinyl Coated Polyester
  • 14 oz Vinyl Coated Polyester fabric is a strong, lighter weight compared to the 18 oz Vinyl Coated Polyester

  • The heat sealable PVC fabric is versatile, and is most often used to manufacture various types of tarps, industrial and athletic field covers, and wall pads.

  • Colors Available in Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Gray, White, and Black.

  • 18 oz Vinyl Coated Polyester is the ideal fabric for many industrial applications due to its strength, finish, weight and versatility.

  • Heat-sealable and is often used to manufacture truck tarps, wall pads, athletic mats, athletic dummies, industrial curtains and dividers, and punching bags.

  • Additional popular applications for vinyl coated polyester include mooring covers, oil booms, hose covers, and gym floor covers.

  • Often used in ball field covers, portable stalls, and swing set canopies.

  • Colors Available include Orange, Red, Pink, Burgundy, Yellow, Royal Blue, Navy, Purple, Tan, Lime Green, Forest Green, Light Blue, Tan, Brown, White, Grey, Black, Charcoal

Number Duck
  • High-end duck canvas fabric that is heavier and more durable than other canvas duck material.

  • Uses of this canvas duck material include messenger bags, director's chair covers, and heavy martial arts pads.

  • Colors Available include Red, Burgundy, Forest Green, Hunter Green, Olive Drab, Cobalt, Navy Blue, Linen, Tan, Dark Brown, Black, Bleached White, Natural Finish, Gray

Single Fill Duck
  • Single Fill Duck is a medium-weight cotton duck canvas fabric that is used for a wide variety of applications.

  • The natural finish of the canvas may be used for an end application, or the material may be dyed and finished to desired specifications.

  • Uses of this material include acrylic primed artist canvas, canvas tote bags, and athletic padding.

  • Duck cotton material is also commonly tarp-treated for use in finished tarps and is available in A Grade, A/B Grade and Tarp Grade.  

  • Colors Available include Natural Untreated or Black.

Army Duck
  • Army Duck is a versatile, medium-weight duck canvas fabric with a tight, fine weave and smooth finish.  

  • Uses of this material include a wide variety of bags, including promotional bags and grocery totes, and in recreational games and accessories, linings and fillers, and tarp-treated cotton tarps and tents.

Canvak Single Fill Duck
  • Canvak Single Fill Duck is a waxed paraffin, treated canvas fabric that is most commonly used for agricultural, truck and multi-purpose tarps where waterproof fabric is required.

  • Pyrosnuff treatment provides a fire-retardant coating, meeting the CPAI-84 specification.

  • Canvak fabric may be treated to your custom requirements.

  • Colors available include Olive Drab, Tan, Gray, Brown, White, Yellow, Blue and Green.