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Containment Netting

containment netting, scrap metal netting, construction debris netting


Containment Netting is used for scrap metal and scrap aluminum dealers, auto crushers, metal shredders, salvage yards, towing services, and auto recyclers.


This strong plastic netting can contain loose parts, construction debris, and other salvage materials on flat beds, in railroad gondola cars, and in sided over-the-road trailers.


Containment Neting, Debris Netting, Netting
Containment Netting, Flat Bed Netting, Railroad Nettinn
Containment Netting, Scrap Metal Netting
  • Contains debris during transit

  • Improves highway safety

  • Economical and easy to apply

  • Disposable: easily shredded or incinerated

  • Eliminates maintenance of screens or tarps

  • Fused joints won't stretch or pull apart

  • Open mesh minimizes wind resistance

  • Safety orange for maximum visibility to law enforcement

0.75" Mesh
0.25" Mesh
EZ Clip
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